My Story

Since leaving school, in fact before, a pint in the local pub or a bottle or can seemed to be completely normal, all my friends drank it was something as teenages we all did, as i got older alcohol became a common part of life.

I drank to be socialble, drank to celebrate, drank to help my mood with sad events,and like most folk drank at parties, trips out, before and during sporting events, concerts, festivals you name it.

There came a period when drinking alcohol seemed to come before an event almost like it wouldnt be fun unless i had a few, then my mood would change and the more i drank, and i needed more, the effects on my family and friends really did change the way they saw me, i didnt really get aggressive towards them at first i just didnt care.

hiding bottles or cans from loved ones, drinking early in the day or covering up the amounts your consuming ar all indications that the alcohol is in charge.

One weekend after a really alcohol infused session with mates at a Biker festival  I went completly over the top and lost control, this now had to be addressed or i was about to loose everthing i held dear to me including family,  So after years of drinking i made the decison to Stop.

For me i had to stop drinking alcohol completely as i cant put a cork in a bottle if there is some left! was it dufficult? (Be warned for some drinkers completley stopping can be dangerous, seek proffesional advice) Yes, the hardest part was everybody i know drinks! everytime i met someone it was suggested we went for a drink and it took me at least six months to a year before i could venture into a pub for a soft drink, What helped was the sudden rise in alcohol free drinks becoming available, roksoba really helped me and their story is well worth a read, Most of my drinking friends tell me its the drink they enjoy not the alcohol content, but ive begun to question that especially when i recall my times drinking. So how do you cutdown or as in my case Stop, well firstly you need to want to and convince yourself, then you need to have the strength to avoid alcohol, find a drink that you can replace it with something cool that looks & tastes great, check out my links page for some ive tried or still drink. 

Thease days there are some great alcohol free or reduced alcohol drinks availbe in many bars, resturants and pubs and its cool to drink them.

January 2023

So hows it going you ask?? Surprisingly well, thanks to alcohol free drinks, a trip to a pub is now a joy, watching others downing pints or drinking wine or spirits doesnt bother me at all, in fact i am grateful that i made the change and wonder how i could advise, without preaching others to choose the alcohol free lifestyle, gone is the fear of doing something or going somewhere without first having a drink for "Dutch Courage", I now feel glad that without alcohol i am in charge of situations.

August 2023

Well we are all getting hit hard with increase costs and low wages not sure where is all going to end, one thing for sure drinking doesnt help, in fact with the cost of alcohol it probably makes things worse, and lets be real a clear head to think our way out of this is best, so if your life is difficult at the moment your not alone, hang in there, love those close to you, remember they are feeling it too.


January 2024

Well firstly, Happy New Year, and as we enter yet another year the recurring difficulties and stress we have to handle each day continues, its Dry January an opportunity for the many to sample sobriety, some who just need to detox after a festive period! but also a starting point for those of us who find alcohol is in charge of our lives and we need to address this monster on our shoulder.

It seems strange that we (the drinkers) have to make excuses not to drink, where as social drinkers seem to be in control or in denial that a monster even exists and consider everyday or binge drinking as the norm and justified.

I wish you well on your journey, remember your not alone.







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